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Welcome to Nordiska Knivar, a blog about traditional Nordic knives.  Primary focus is the puukko, a cultural treasure  of Finland. If you have any photos or information you would like to add please let me know, I’d be glad to hear from you! I’m sorry, I am not a knife maker or blade smith and cannot answer technical questions.

The photo  featured in the header is by Roman Kislitsyn with blade by Pasi Hurttila.

Notice: all text and photographs contained in this blog is copyrighted by the authors. Please request permission to to use this material.

Laurent Juhel

Pawel Michalski

Janne Kilpinen

Arto Liukko

Gotz Iron Works

Martti Malinen

Knifemaking at the Nilakan Comprehensive School in Keitele Finland

Vyacheslav Kharkov

Helsinki Knife Show

Christmas Photo Gallery

Juhana Salonen Review

Henri Tikkanen Review

Tommi Makela Review

Teemu Häkkilä TH Puukot

Saku Honkilahti Puukko Review

Jari Liukku WIP

Jari Liukko Puukko Review

Wille Sundqvist

Congratulations to the new puukkoseppamestari

Veijo Kapyla

Jari Liukko

Tasku Puukko

Marku Teräs

Osmo Bororudlin Review

Otto Kemppainen

Juhana Salonen

Finnish Military Knives

Osmo Borodulin

Jussi Kallio

Tommi Mäkelä

Danjel Haramina Review

Saku Honkilahti

Johannes Adams Puukko Review


Joonas Kallioniemi WIP

Ryynanen and Jaakonaho Puukkos Review

Johannes Adams

Mikko Heiskanen

Fredrik Prost: Saami Craftsman

A Visit To Finland

Pasi Jaakonaho Work In Progress:

Mora Knife Review

Christmas Photo Gallery

Seishi Oizumi

YP-Taonta Review by Federico Buldrini

Lauri Karjunen

Juha Nikki: Recent Work

Teuvo Sorvari: Vöyrin Puukko

Roman Kislitsyn Sami Style Carving:

Risto Mikkonen

A Visit With Tapio Syrjälä

Martti Malinen Karelian Axe

Danijel Haramina

Martti Malinen Kuhankeittaja Puukko

Hervé Hueber

Maasepän Puukko Review by Federico Buldrini

Roman Kislitsyn


Roselli Carpenter Knife Review

Forging A Hatchet by Pasi Hurttila https ://

Custom Nilakka by PekkaTuominen

Slöjkniv Review by Federico Buldrini:


 Kitchen Knives:

Tuohituppi: Birch Bark Sheath tutorial by Eero Kovanen:


Christmas Photo Gallery 2014

Some Traditional Norwegian Knives:


Tuohi, Birch Bark In Finnish Culture by Eero Kovanen

Eero Kovanen
Pasi Hurttila Tuohipää Puukko Review:

Martti Malinen Koivimäki Puukko Review

Puukkopäivät: Fiskars Knife Days 2014

Stitchless Scandi Sheath by Juha Nikki

Juha Nikki

Ilkka Seikku Maasepän Puukko Review

Pasi Jaakonaho

Tapio Syrjälä


Saku Honkilahti: Birth Of A Puukko

Veikko Hakkarainen

Markku Parkkinen, Midnight Sun

Martti Malinen:

Emännänveitsi: Part Two

Emännänveitsi – Woman’s Knife

Making A Leuku by Pasi Hurttila

Rauno Virtanen / TULIKOURA

Anssi Ruusuvori / New Work

The Finnish Axe by Marcus Lepola

H. Roselli

Markku Parkkinen

Tuohipää/Stacked Birch Bark Puukkos

Tapio Wirkkala Puukko

Mikko Inkeroinen Leuku

Markku Parkkinen

Puukko Gallery Part 2

Puukko Gallery Part 1

Sami Länsipaltta

Making A Puukko Without Power Tools by Ilkka Seikku

One Year

Kustaa Lammi

Theo Eichorn Part 2

Theo Eichorn

Pasi Hurttila

Tero Kotavuopio

Joonas Kallioniemi

Mikko Inkeroinen

Jani Ryynänen

Saku Honkilahti

Jukka Hankala

Kay Vikström

Ilkka Seikku

Rautalammi Puukko by Arto Liukko

Joonas Kallioniemi Mammoth Tooth Puukko WIP

Ilmajoen Puukko or Hattutuppipukko

Yrjö Puronvarsi Blades / YP Taonta

Matti Luhtanen: Toijala Puukko

Christmas Puukko Gallery

Anssi Ruusuvuori: Puukkoseppä, Historian, Author

Pekanpää Puukko

New Forum and Other Information

Leuku: Part Two by Pasi Hurttila

Leuku: Part One

A Visit To Finland by Federico Buldrini

Tommi Puukko

Maasepän Puukko

Tuppi: Work In Progress Tutorial by Saku Honkilahti

Joonas Kallioniemi Work In Progress

Pekka Tuominen Birch Bark Handle Tutorial

Iisakki Järvenpää Horse Head Puukkos

Vöyrin and Toijala Puukkos

Interview With Pekka Tuominen

Helsinki Knife Show

Edvin Sjöberg – Viking Knives

Saku Honkilahti – Kokemäen Puukko

Igor Barutkin – Knives of the Lappish Pures

Two Unique Puukkos

Härmän Puukko


6 responses to “Index Page

  1. Your Nordiska Knivar is very, very nice.
    Sorry for my English is very bad, I speak just French.
    Congratulations and best regards
    I to go to Stockholm at August for look the city and for to buy the beautiful Scandinavian knives.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Martial!

  3. the care and dedication in this blog is jawdropping… absolutely fantastic database, showroom, and history archive… quality pics and interesting testimonials…
    my most sincere congratulations!

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your support.

  5. Just found this page by recommendation from FB “Knivsamlaren”. A lot of reading to catch up!

  6. I keep on watching nordiskaknivar since about two weeks and I still don’t have enough 🙂 I’m scrolling the index page up and down, admiring the same knives again and again – my wife says “you are crazy” but I just can’t stop 🙂 You guys are absolutely awesome and you’re making outstanding puukko-knives.
    Scandinavia should be proud having the best knifemakers in the world.
    Greetings from Poland

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