Mikko Inkeroinen Leuku

The previous articles about leukus seem to be of interest to the viewers of this blog so I thought I’d like to post some more of them. Here are some photos of a beautiful leuku being created by Mikko Inkeroinen recently.  To learn more about the leuku visit the Index Page to see the other posts.

“The blade is made of carbon steel and the fittings are brass. The curly birch handle is coated with linseed oil and the sheath has the birch lesta to contain the blade and protect the user.   The tip of the blade is thin so it’s fast. The focus is on the front of the handle and the blade has a convex edge. This configuration is what makes the knife work.  My knife is a beautiful tool.”

MI 1

MI 2

MI 3

MI 4

MI 5

MI 7

MI 8

MI 9

MI 10

MI 11

MI 12

MI 13








One response to “Mikko Inkeroinen Leuku

  1. beautiful leuku very nice job!!!!

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