New Forum And Other Information

I just learned of  a new puukko forum on Facebook from Sami Länsipaltta. Check it out, it’s in Finnish and has good photos to look at and links to follow. Google can (almost) help translate.

Also, please drop by Sami’s site. He’s made some really fine puukkos and just today put up a new post about making his tenth puukko, one with a birch bark handle and a blade he forged:

“Tuohipuukko Au Naturel”

His work was also featured here, in this post from May 2012:

Lastly, if anyone has information on the pekanpää puukko they could send me I’d appreciate it. I want to do a post about them and need information and photos.  Maybe there’s a puukkoseppä who could send photos of one they’ve made? Email is jkmheff (at)

Thank you!


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