Welcome to Nordiska Knivar my scrap book about Nordic knives. I will be posting photos and information about traditional knives and knife makers, especially the puukko from Finland.  I’d like to start off with this beautiful puukko with an ebonite handle from  Joonas Kallioniemi.

According to Joonas, ebonite was used for handles in the early 1900s:  “The handle is made out of ebonite.  After some reading I got to know that ebonite was indeed used for puukko handles  about a hundred years ago or so, but for some reason no-one has kept on using this fine material. It is basically a hard rubber, it has a rubber-like firm grip to it, it stands up to all kinds of different environments and doesn’t “live” like wooden handles do. It is made out of natural rubber, linseed oil and sulphur and it is totally food-safe. I find this to be a very good material for a knife handle.”

4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Thomas Löfvenmark

    Hi, I like your site a lot, very informative!

  2. Thank you Thomas! I appreciate your support.

  3. Hello there (and thank you for following my blog as well)!
    I also like this site, there´s alot of truly beautiful knives here.
    I´m quite familiar to these kinds of knives, since a relative of mine has a handfull of them – some of them being quite worn, others as good as new. Perhaps I can take some photos of them some time and send them to you so that can publish them here!
    I also plan to make some similar knives in the future (I do some forging every now and then) – I might find some inspiration in the photos on this site!

    Kind regards from Sweden

  4. Que de choses merveilleuses Merci

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