Jussi Kallio/Anniversary Puukko

I am interested in posting puukko that have been made to observe the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence which is December 6, 2017. The first one I’ve seen is by Jussi Kallio.  Jussi has been making knives since 2012 when he took a course at an adult education center in Lapua, where he lives.

If anyone has any anniversary knives, even of earlier anniversaries let me know and I will post them before December 6. Contact information is on the Index Page.

Jussi Kallio:

“Arja Gräsbeck taught me the basics of knife making. He was a really good and motivating teacher. The blade making I have learned myself. The Facebook page, Puukko Areena has been a lot of help to figure out how to make blades. Thanks to all those who have guided me.

I try to make a knife for what I like, what pleases my eye. I like to use good steel blades. On the handle I like to use my imagination. I use rubber, brass, plastic, birch bark, birch wool, acrylic and many other materials. I try everything new and different. I even use some recycled materials in the handle of the knives.”

Juss1 2

“My favorite knife, it has a hockey puck handle. The handle is blue and black, on the side of the handle is a silver lion. The blade is made of 80crv2 steel.”


Some more of Jussi’s knives:









Jussi28Jussi 20










Jussi Kallio


One response to “Jussi Kallio/Anniversary Puukko

  1. Jussi’s Suomi100 icehockey puukko knife belongs to the top of modern knife making.

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