Martti Malinen Karelian Axe

Here is a look at a traditional Finnish axe forged by Martti Malinen, a smith in Puumala, Finland. Martti’s work has been featured here several times before. A quote from the profile of Martti Malinen from his profile here at Nordiska Knivar:

“I like to keep the Finnish blacksmith tradition alive. It´s somehow important to offer services for locals if they need a blacksmiths help. That’s why I accept many kind of orders, not only knives and axes. I don’t want to fill the world with my knives but if the neighbor comes to me and asks me to forge the candle holder I make it gladly. My duty is to be the smith in the local community.”

You can visit his website at Goosemeadow.

“Recently I have been busy with axes. The Karelian axe has been common here since before the 19th century but then disappeared due to the fast development of saws and forest industry. I have co-operated with the local museum in Savonlinna as they have few Karelian axes in they collection. I call this a ”slash and burn” type of axe because it was used in the period when slash and burn agriculture was the common way to use forests here in Eastern Finland. Interesting project for me; time travelling back in history.

As a side note, I’ll have free demonstrations of hammering these axes in my workshop the 30 of June”

Thank you Martti!

Martti 3

A Karelian man in a woodsman’s outfit with the distinctive “kukkeli” hood and a Karelian type axe with partial collar of the shaft. Louis Sparre 1892. Source “Kalevalaseura – The Kalevala Society of Finland”.

Martti 4

Martti 5


Martti Malinen in his shop.

Martti 2

Martti Malinen


4 responses to “Martti Malinen Karelian Axe

  1. Fine piece of craftsmanship. Beautiful tool! Thanks for showing it to us.

  2. Beautiful axe. Thank you for the preview.

  3. Amazing axe ! Really beautiful !

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