Kustaa Lammi

This post features a video of Kustaa Lammi at work. Many of you have seen this video already no doubt but I think it deserves to be archived here. I really enjoy watching him work, the video is 13 minutes long and can be seen here:

“Kustaa Lammi (1901 – 2001), son of the old master of Finnish knife making Juho Lammi, started making knives at a early age. When he was only 10 years old, he sold his first knife at the Kauhava railway station. Since then he was in the knife making business. Kustaa Lammi made his last knife at the age of 95.

Starting in 1921 Kustaa Lammi ran the knife making business which his father started in the Kettula, part of Kauhava. The products of Lammi’s knife factory have been exported to over 15 countries, including Australia and the United States.

The shape of the puukko has remained the same as the original Lammi’s puukko. It takes time to make hand make a puukko. Kustaa appreciated the traditional working methods and continued using them. Kustaa said that it takes about a week to make a puukko.

Finland’s Central Chamber of Commerce granted Kustaa the Golden Award in recognition of his excellent work. The former president of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, also gave the President of Yugoslavia five Kustaa Lammi knives as a gift.”   Information from: Puukkoposti 2/2005

“The Finnish knife ornament in the shape of such a horse’s head is worth a few lines. Credit for having designed the horse head goes to another famous knife maker from this time, Juho Kustaa Lammi. Juho was requested by a cavalry office to make a horsewhip crowned with a horse head. This was so good that Lammi began to mount those on their knives. The style spread, most knife makers and knife factories in the neighborhood “stole” the idea. Iisakki Järvenpää Oy still manufactures several models with horse heads.”

Courtesy of Anders Halldén

Kustaa Lammi

Kustaa Lammi

Puukko made by Kustaa Lammi when he was 84 years old. (from Taisto Kuortti's site)

Puukko made by Kustaa Lammi when he was 84 years old. (from Taisto Kuortti’s site)


3 responses to “Kustaa Lammi

  1. Hello, I have seen this amazing Video some weeks ago, but there are things I don’t understand. I hope, someone can help me. It is about the part where a Kind of liquid is filled into the german silver tube. When I hear right, it should be “brimstone”, that means Sulfur. Is that right ? I could imagine that Sulfur would react with the other materials. Maybe someone can can tell me some Details in this case.
    Thanks for that

  2. Hi Robert, hopefully someone will post a reply. There is more about it on a thread at Britishblades.com ; http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?162283-Traditional-finnish-master-at-work/page2&highlight=kustaa+lammi

  3. Yes, it is my understanding that it was sulfur… I’ve seen old puukko that have a split ferrule or looked burned by the sulfur reacting.

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