Kay Vikström

From Kay’s website ” I live in Purmo, a village about 500km north of Helsinki. Most of my time I make all kinds of blacksmith work as interior decorations for fashion shops, churches and private homes. But always when I get some time over I make knives.”   Kay Vikström is a master blacksmith with many interests, making puukkos is just one aspect of his talent. He does all kinds of metal work including fine art sculpture and is a musician as well.This is what Kay wrote:

“I lived on a farm all my life and used to do everything with my hands. I have always been interested in different kind of art: I have been playing drums and percussion for over 40 years and I have also been painting a lot, mostly oil on canvas.

When I started to forge, about 20 years ago, it was very close to what I had done before: I felt it was pleasant. The art of painting and forging are close, and I just added some percussion. I have forged a lot of different items such as church gates, candelabras, candle holders in all sizes and shapes and I’ve done restorations on old ironwork. Sculptures and art forging are maybe the most fun.

I attended some short courses about black powder guns, axes, sculptures, mosaic damascus, but mostly I have learned by myself doing all mistakes and learned from them. Some years ago I got my masters in blacksmithing.

Wintertime is slower with blacksmithing, overall, so mostly I make knives then. I live 30 minutes from Kauhava, but I guess most of my knives have more Nordic than typical traditional Finn style, maybe because here where I live, near the sea, most of the people speak Swedish as their first language.

When I started hammering, blacksmithing was almost gone, just some old men were still forging. It has been funny to be a part of bringing it back and see young craftsmen grow up. I am a lazy person. I like motorcycles and fishing better than work, but I get something done sometimes now and then…”



Kay 2

Kay 3

Kay 5

Kay Vikstrom


Some of Kay’s other work and interests:





Kay with Fe'male


Kay 6




Cheers! And thank you Kay! Visit him at his website http://www.multi.fi/~kaitsu/index2.html


One response to “Kay Vikström

  1. Kay is a very talented man and I have enjoyed seeing his artistic creations.

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