Joonas Kallioniemi

Today I’m happy to post the profile of Joonas Kallioniemi. His work is of the highest quality both in design and workmanship which makes it stand out. There is a certain natural elegance in his work that is timeless in it’s simplicity.  Always  willing to answer questions and  send photos Joonas has been a great help and inspiration for this blog. While Joonas doesn’t have a website he can be found posting his new work on Occasionally he may offer one of his puukkos for sale in the Maker’s Sales Forum but if you happen to see one there, act fast. It won’t be there long!…

 Joonas Kallioniemi:

“I am now 23, a young man some might say, but I have already had an interest for puukko knives for many years. I can try to summarize a bit how I have gotten into this madness.

My father made some puukkos before I was born, and I remember that as a kid I admired those knives and always wanted to play with them. So it is very likely that part of my enthusiasm comes from there. I guess I was around 15 or 16 when I really got interested in puukkos. At the time I was very much into woodcarving and the outdoors so a good puukko was always in my dreams. Many of the handmade knives from respected makers seemed so damn expensive to me at that time, they were out of my reach. And today I’m lucky that they were. I used a lot of factory made puukkos but I quickly realized that there was a huge lack of quality in them.

I first built some puukkos with blades from one other maker and even with factory blades, but I soon got bored. I understood that a good blade was the most crucial part of any puukko, and that if I was to become a maker I would have to learn bladesmithing. I was at high school at the time and managed to find a place where I could start forging my own blades, or at least practice doing so! The only information that I had was what I had learned from books and the Internet. My skills were weak at best but the forging experience was the final step in getting me addicted.

After high school I was already so hooked to the craft that it had most of my interest. It seemed natural to go to a metalworking school and become an artisan. There I learned a lot about forging, machining and various other metalworking techniques that I could adapt into my knife making. One of the turning points in my making was when around those times I got some sound advice from master puukko maker Pekka Tuominen. It was then and right then when I started to think more about the shapes and proportions of puukkos, and especially the traditional lines that are present in most of the old puukkos. I also started to sell my puukkos part-time during studying. After graduating I had to go the army, so knife making was over for a while.

After that the commissions kept piling up and I had collected a good amount of tools so I decided to start making knives full-time. It seemed like the natural thing to do. It’s been about a year now and I know I did the right thing. Every day when I get up and go to my workshop I still get the same thrills that I got when I first started forging blades. To be able to turn my thoughts into physical objects with just the most basic tools and materials, it does the trick for me.”

joonas kallioniemi

Joonas Briar 1

Joonas stacked leather3

Materials for mammoth tooth puukko.

Materials for mammoth tooth puukko.

The finished knife.

The finished knife.


Copper and birch bark.

Copper and birch bark.

Joonas Lignum 1

Joonas Lignum 5

Ebonite puukko.

Ebonite puukko.

Joonas Dovetail

Joonas 13


Joonas birch bark

Joonas p2

Joonas p3

Joonas p6

Joonas p7

Dyed stacked birch

Dyed stacked birch

Dyed Birch 6 April 2013

Joonas forging

Coffee break...

Coffee break…

Joonas Kallioniemi

Joonas Kallioniemi

5 responses to “Joonas Kallioniemi

  1. That first knife looks vaguely familiar! 🙂

    A little bit of background on it. That knife was a gold medal winner at the 2011 Fiskars competition (championship class, user knife category).

  2. Good to hear from you Christian! That’s a beautiful puukko, worthy of the gold at Fiskars.

  3. Have you seen Joonas’ most recent knife on BB? It’s one he made for himself. He also shares some previous knives he made. You should ask him to post it on here. You don’t get many opportunities to observe and document the development of a smith’s style from the very beginning.

  4. Please show your knives at the Dutch DKE.

  5. Very,very nice work, et comme on dit en France…CHAPEAU !!! And thank you.

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