Two Unique Puukkos

I like the traditional puukko and want to show you what two talented puukkoseppa have created putting their own spin on the form. I think you will enjoy these two.

The first one is by Willem O’Kelly (also known as “Smokepole” on various knife forums), from South Africa:

“I live in the Great Karoo in the Eastern Cape region in South Africa, not too far from Nelson Mandela’s home and my makers mark/brand is K’roo – as that is how Karoo is pronounced locally. I don’t have a website for my knives specifically (I know, I know, I’ll make work of it!) but I do have one for the muzzle loader shooters over here and there is a forum on Edged Weapons that contains quite a bit of my work –”

“My brief from the client and thus my approach was to build a Puukko with an African “flavor” so to speak.The result is shown in the following pics. The blade I made from an HSS 18 from an old table plane blade, the “bolster” is brass, with leather spacers, warthog tusk and African Black Wood alternating each other. I riveted and counter sunk the tang and added a false end of warthog tusk.”

Willem does beautiful work and makes all kinds of knives, some of which can be seen on this thread:

The second one is a “hockey puukko” Here’s a great example of Finnish puukko making. Take some recyclable material and turn it into a beautiful puukko and sheath. This one’s by Sami Länisipaltta. In his words:

“Here’s my latest puukko. It have taken over year and four months from my previous puukko (keeping busy on other business ).
Serial #: 09
Handle: Made in Czech Republic (hockey puck)
Bolsters: Aluminum
Blade: Hand forged bearing ring, 18,5°
Sheath: 2,3 mm leather (colored with black Narvi-colour)
Dimensions: blade: 72 mm, handle: 85 mm and sheath: 150 mm (for very little hand)

Sami’s website:

More detailed info (sorry again in Finnish) about this knife could be found from my blog … tehty.html

Take a look at his blog, the man is amazing.



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