Martti Malinen

Here are a few new pieces from one of my favorite smiths, Martti Malinen of who lives in Puumala, Finland in the middle of Lake Saimaa. While known for his very fine axes, he is a smith who makes  puukkos, tools and just about anything else anyone may need. Martti has been featured on this blog in the past, please see the Index Page and his website;  Martti Malinen

Martti Malinen:

“I like to keep the Finnish blacksmith tradition alive. It´s somehow important to offer services for locals if they need a blacksmiths help. That’s why I accept many kind of orders, not only knives and axes. I don’t want to fill the world with my knives but if the neighbor comes to me and asks me to forge the candle holder I make it gladly. My duty is to be the smith in the local community.”




An earlier piece.

Martti’s damascus is made from 1070 and UHB15N20 steel.


Martti Malinen


One response to “Martti Malinen

  1. C’est un travail phénoménal fait avec beaucoup d’adresse et de goût…BRAVO !

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