Jan Tommy Kirkholt

I featured some axes by Jan Tommy Kirkholt in the Christmas Gallery and I’d like to show more of his work here in a separate post. Jan Tommy Kirkholt is a smith in Trondheim, Norway who makes some beautiful axes and knives. I haven’t had the pleasure of owning and using any of his tools but I hope to someday. While he doesn’t have a website you can find him and contact him through his Facebook page.

A video of Jan Tommy Kirkholt at work:

All photos are owned by and used with permission from Jan Tommy Kirkholt.

Jan Tommy Kirkholt


A work in progress, one of Jan Tommy Kirkholt’s axes:

J1       J3

j4        j9

j8        j10

j11        j12

j14        j16

j17     j19

j21     j42

j41    j24j34


j28   j26



Some of Jan Tommy Kirkholt’s knives:


j27 j39  j40 j46 j47 j38  j43


Jan Tommy Kirkholt

Jan Tommy Kirkholt








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