Pekanpää Puukko

This puukko takes its name from the village of Pekanpää which is located in the north western part of  Finland in Lapland. It is situated near the powerful Torne River which forms the border between Sweden and Finland and empties into the Bay of Bothnia. The Torne River was used to carry logs and Pekanpää is located above the treacherous rapids where log booms were reduced in size before running the rapids. The Pekanpää puukko came into being as a “log drivers” puukko.  The style soon became popular and spread throughout the Torne River Valley and down river to other cities and towns.

The Torne River at Tornio, down river from Pekanpää.

The Pekanpää puukko is characterized by it’s bulbous layered birch bark handle and the narrow clipped point blade. The fittings are brass and the bolsters and pommel are thin flat spacers. The sheaths were simple and usually carried the maker’s initials or mark on it. This is a very distinctive style of traditional puukko that you don’t see much today.

Here is a  beautiful contemporary one by puukkoseppä Mikko Inkeroinen:

And a vintage one from Anders Hallén’s site:

And another from Taisto Kurotti’s site, this one by Armas Hartikka and from the collection of Anssi Ruusuvuori :

The Pekanpää is a classic traditional puukko that I enjoy seeing. I hope the modern day puukkoseppä will continue making them.


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