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Finnish Military Knives/Centennial Observance

In conjunction with and in observance of Finland’s 100th Anniversary of Independence on December 6, 2017 I want to present some Finnish military knives in honor of all Finns who have fought and served.

I contacted Pekka Tuominen about this and he was very helpful as usual and sent the photos and information for this post. Thank you once again Pekka!

Pekka Tuominen:

“Here are some official Finnish military knives from 1919 to the early 1960’s. There are maybe some more, but it must be very small batch. In Finland we have a tradition that every man buys a knife (mostly puukko-knife) when he goes into military service. We have a conscript service, and about 80% of young men (and voluntary women) do their 6-12 months conscript service. That’s why there is such a small number of official military knives in the independent Finland military history.”


Civil Guard puukko-knife m/27 Official dress knife for the Finnish Civil Guard (1918-1944). m/27 is designed in 1927 and it became official in 1928. Made by Hackman.  Long blade with full length ‘blood groove’. Curly birch handle. Leather sheath with blue or green porte-epee. Very rare knife.


A2 Dress knives

Dress knives became an official part of the military dress in 1919. Design comes from Imperial Germany. In Finland those knives were made by Hackman and Fiskars in early 1920’s. Also Finnish military ordered similar knives from Germany, mostly from Solingen area. In Finnish some call dress knives by the name ‘puukkopistin’ (puukko-bayonet). This name is funny, because that knife is not either a puukko or a bayonet. In the photo from right to left Hackman made dress knife with file work in the handle and leather porte-epee, and another Hackman made dress knife with plain handle. Far left is German made dress knife. All knives come with steel sheath, like in the photo. There are also super ultra rare officer’s version of that knife, blade is longer and the longer sheath comes with 2 rings for sword hangers. (Hackman made knives are from Mr. Heikki Stark’s Collection.)


lineman knives

Official Finnish military lineman’s knives from 1920-30’s. From RIGHT two Fiskars made lineman’s knives, full tang blades, sheep foot grind, Ebony handles and leather sheaths. Both marked ‘Suomen Armeija’ (Finnish military) Far LEFT sheep foot bladed lineman’s knives with typical 1920-30 puukko-knife handle with SA (Finnish Military) stamp, unknown maker.


orijärvi puukkos

Orijärvi puukko-knives
From RIGHT to LEFT Fiskars made puukko-knife for the first Finnish UN company, in Suez-Sinai 1956-57. Classic, Fiskars Orijärvi model puukko knife, with SA stamp, in the handle and sheath. On the left is WWII Fiskars made Orijärvi with unusual sheath with SA stamp, maybe from pioneer’s or the demolition man’s bags.


A5Navy deep sea diver knife.JPG

Deep sea diver knife, originally from UK, made by Siebe Gorman. Purchased for the Finnish Navy after WWII. Bakelite handle, brass sheath originally comes with a leather belt loop.


A 4pilot survival knife

Pilot Survival knife. Iisakki Järvenpää co. made jet pilot survival knife from 1962. Red painted handle with carbon steel blade SA marked. Sheath is so-called ‘boot’ style. Knife has been a part of a pilot’s survival package. In Finland it appears in one book with a wrong name ‘laskuvarjojaakarin puukko’ (airborne jaeger’s puukko-knife), it has never been airborne jaeger’s equipment. It’s easy see influence from Swedish Mora area knives in this knife.


A8detonation material knife

Detonation material knife. One peculiar WWII knife is the unmagnetic detonation material knife. Brass blade and birch bark handle. Unknown maker, maybe made by Finnish military.

Below are two special tribute knives made by Pekka. I have always admired these puukkos and the presentation Pekka has given them in these photos:

Pekka Winter War

“Two puukkos of typical 1920-30’s puukko design tribute knives for Finnish WWII veterans. In this photo is my grandfather Lauri Tuominen’s Winter War medal with SUMMA badge. Summa is one battlefield in Karelian Isthmus 1939-1940
There is also Lauri’s certificate for that medal and original cockade (blue and white rondel) and his military service book.”

Pekka 2

“A similar puukko knife with some old photos. In the lower photo both my grandfathers are in the same picture (but they did not know each other at that time) in East Karelia about 1942-43. And upper photo my grandfather Lauri cleans his rifle in his conscript service time early 1930’s. I think photo is from Viipuri (Vyborg).”


Celebrating the Centennial of Finland’s Declaration of Independence


On December 6, 1917 Finland declared itself an independent republic, rejecting its status as an autonomous Grand Duchy of Russia, which it had been since 1809.