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The Finnish Puukko Association, Suomen Puukkoseura ry has posted the results of the 2015 competition at Fiskars on their site. This is a national competition and the official Finnish championship held every May at Fiskars Village. Take a look at this year’s gallery and winners of years past at:  http://www.puukkoseura.fi/galleria.php?sarja=34

Sami Länsipaltta photo.

Sami Länsipaltta photo.

Fiskars Village is a historical site on the original Fiskars manufacturing location featuring shops, exhibitions, a museum and various hand work competitions among other things.


Museum at Fiskars Village

Museum at Fiskars Village

One of the historical buildings at Fiskars Village.

One of the historical buildings at Fiskars Village.

Sami Länsipaltta photo.

Sami Länsipaltta photo.

Teuvo Sorvarin Vöyrin puukkoja

Teuvo Sorvarin Vöyrin puukkoja.  Photo by Sami Länsipaltta.

Unna niibas by  Mikko Inkeroinen

Unna niibas by Mikko Inkeroinen. Photo by Sami Länsipaltta.

Also, Ilkka Seikku has initiated a world wide knife competition, Veitsi-Kilpailu on Facebook at:


Here is a description and the rules and guidelines. This should be worth watching! There are 150 members of this group in the first day of its existence. Thank you Ilkka!

” The first Knife-Competition starts!

Pictures will be published in 1.8.2015
Voting time ends in 31.8.2015

Send the pictures knifecompetition@gmail.com
Add a short text about the way how You did the knife and the materials used.

-Competition is open for every knife maker from around the world.
-Only one knife / person
-Knife have to be totally made by the maker.
-Competition knife can be made for customer or just for this competition.
-No pictures of this knife can be published before competition.
-Makers marks/stamps/name can´t be seeing from the pictures. So stamps from the blade/handle/sheath needs to be hidden.
-Knife have to be able to use with one hand. It needs to be practical and useful for it´s tasks.
If needed, some more info could be asked about the usefulness of the knife.
-Knife is made with hand tools. Automatic cutters etc. are banned.
-Blade can be made by forging, sawing, grinding etc. But not with totally automatic machines.
-You are free to use any materials You want, but You have to work those materials all by Yourself.

Send clear pictures:
-Knife in sheath picture from front
-Knife picture from front and in the same picture the sheath from the front.
-Knife picture from the other side and in the same picture sheath from the back
-Picture from the blade only

No “spices” in pictures. Only the knife.
Under the knife there have to be one colored paper/canvas/leather etc.

All the pictures will be publishing in the same time.
Voting starts immediately after pictures are published.
Voting is made by pushing “like” button.
One person can vote several knives and several pictures.

The winner will be published on these fb-site and there will be introduction about the maker in these sites, if the winner allows so.
Picture of the winner knife will be in the top of these sites as long as the new competition is done.

When sending the pictures, the participant gives rights to use pictures in this Knife-Competition fb-sites.

This competition is organized by self-imposed persons and no organizations are involved.

“Gentlemen rules” (rules impossible to supervise, but we trust on your honesty!
Do not advertise any knife in public
Do not tell who has made some knife, even if You know it
You can vote Your own knife, but take a look at the other knives first
Respect the winner and respect the people who have vote it to be the winner
Be honest and fair.”

Ilkka Seikku's Facebook group page photo.

Ilkka Seikku’s Facebook group page photo.


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  1. Le travail de forge est magique.
    Dessous ces gros marteaux il sort de jolies petites choses


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